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 New Skills for BladeMaster

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PostSubject: New Skills for BladeMaster   Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:14 am

Dragon's Strength

Atk reduced by 50%, Crit increased by 25% for 30 secs

Thunder Hammer

Deals 260% damage to all targets in the area and knocks them off-balance. Caster and all affected targets cannot move for 5 seconds. Enemies within range will have attack - 260%, move speed -30%, attack speed - 30%, chanting + 50%

Void Strike

Attacks the target for 100% of Base Atk +1000 in Physical. Stuns the target for 2-3 seconds

Diamond Aura

Nearby allies gain 1000% to their Def for 10 seconds and regain HP equal to 20% of your Max HP over 15 seconds.
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New Skills for BladeMaster
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