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 My WB guide

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PostSubject: My WB guide   Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:54 pm

When u see Wb 1st thing on your mind is : big fat cat with way 2 much HP. WBs are basicly made for tanking, but they can also be grat DD. I know that lot of pplz have bad expirience with wbs cause they needed lot of time to kill it or got 1 hit killed with perdition.
I like Wb class cause u can make from it what ever u want. Wbs have 2 forms human and cat form. in human form u're very slow and have smaller phy def and lower HP then cat form, but higher dmg.

- Big HP and phy def
- Very fast in cat form
- Big phy atack in human form
- Very usefull team class

- Low phy atack in cat form
- small speed in human form
- slow lvling
Wbs are slowest in solo lvling cause they kill slower than all other classes. The fastest way to lvlup u're WB is to find AOE pt which is some times hard to find. And when u find it good news is u don't have to spend money on MP hieros like DDs in pt. But u'll have to sit in front of u're computer and lure. This can get really booring.


If u're new guy in game and u don't know anything about pw clases this is class for u, cause it's easiest class to play with. U just need to know how to take agro in fbs and hhs and have enough HP to tank. mobs will need lots of time to kill u cause of your HP and u will always have time to run :)) lots of guilds are looking for Wbs cause not much ppl like to play with it. that makes u usefull to guild and u can make lots of friends by helping them. And when u need to go in HH or FB u only gonna need EP and WF to do it cause u won't have to get some Wbs to help ya.

WB builds:

NORMAL build: i recomand this build to every1 till lvl 80. Put enough AGI and STR to wear your lvl hh weaps, rest goes to CON.
This build enables u to have high phy dmg so u'll lvl up fast and still u'll have enough HP for tanking in hhs and fbs.
if u prefer tanking go heaven at 89
if u prefer PvP go hell at 89

When u hit 80 u can continue with normal build or:

TANK build : leave anough str and agi to wear hh 80 ewap and till u get boored of lvling it put CON. This way u'll be able to tank every hard boss easily but u'll *User using bad word* at PvP cause u'll have pretty low dmg and only way to kill some1 will be Perdition.
at lvl 89 go heaven
HEAVEN : it gives u lot of HP and big phy def, and your normall atack are bigger than hell WB

I prefer normal build although lot of WBs have tank build. Normal is build is good cause of nice DMG and u can still tank almost everything. On 1 serwer i was normal build WB and at lvl 93 i had about 11.5K hp and lvl 80 3 star npc set and i was able to tank 1 whole guild for 2-3 mins dam it was very funny :DDD

DD build: Go normal build till u get 100 con and then pump str to 300++ ( at lvl 100) and agi to 100 ( at lvl 90) and ofc get some crit rings. This way u'll have lot of HP and u won't die very fast and u'll still have better dmg then normal build WB. Also u'll have great accuracy and big critical rate.
at lvl 89 go HELL
HEll: it's true that heaven gives u bigger Hp and dmg but if u pick hell u'll have lot bigger crit rate which is lot better then some extra dmg. Also skill efects are better and in cat form no dmg reduction p9

*Hint: In PvP don't forget to use magic amulets cause u already have great phy def but low magic def


Good news here is u won't have to spent lot time in aoe pt to gain high lvl. And ofc there's +12 EQ with god stones. So there are better builds than in low rate

SUPER CON build: Pump u're str and agi just enough to wear ranking oficer rank 8 weap and rest goes to con. This way u'll be able to got about 60K Hp which makes u almost imposible to kill
go heaven

SUPER STR build: leave u're con at 5 and pump agi to 100 and rest on STR. this will give u hudge phy atack power but low critical rate.
go hell

SUPER AGI build: leave u're con at 5 and put str to wear R8 weap and rest agi.u'll have hudge crit rate so u won't have to wory about u're low dmg cause critical doubles u're dmg
go hell

PVE TACTIC: if u can't find Aoe pt and u wonna lvl up only option left to u is solo zhen. WRs are the best class for solo zhen cause of heal and stun and tones of aoe skills. But WB can solo zhen to but will kill lot slower. In order to be efective Wb must be in cat form. lure lots of mobs and use frighten to reduce mobs atack power. also use Swing smack ( heal) and black tortlen poses ( absorbs 90% of dmg taken) when u have 2 fury. don't forget to use rage of beast king which gives u 5 vigor when anemy hits u.

PvP TACTICS most of time u'll fight in at form and use deveour every time is posible to reduce enemies phy def. also use frighten and surf impact to slow enemy down. With u're high ctir rate it will be almost imposible for enemy to escape from u ^^
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PostSubject: Re: My WB guide   Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:01 pm

Really nice one. ;]
Woliatus WB forever. :)
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PostSubject: Re: My WB guide   Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:32 pm

nice guide now i have to think about gettin a WB m1 m1 m2
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PostSubject: Re: My WB guide   Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:25 pm

hehe i'm glad u liked it :D
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PostSubject: Re: My WB guide   

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My WB guide
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